Couples and single females only party. Sorry no single guys allowed. Contribution on the door is £50 for couples and £10 for single ladies. Party starts at 9.30 pm until everyone drops with exhaustion” until dawn….. Dress code for ladies/couples is Glamorous, Sexy, Elegant….for Guys: groomed, no t-shirts, trainers or hoodies. Acceptable jeans but not ripped! Free parking on our tennis court and field. Look out for the name of our house “LITTLECROFT” with Red/Black balls above the security gate. PLEASE DON’T KNOCK ON OUR NEIGHBOURS’S HOUSE NEITHER “HIGHFIELD HOUSE” nor “BIRCHWOOD MANOR”. Please note ours is a drug-free home…Pre-booking advised so we can cater for everyone. First-timers, please remember to bring your own drinks. Soft mixers provided free.




Richard and Janet are now working exclusively with two wonderful couples from Spicy Match and Dark Desires to host an evening of decadence and fabulous fun for single males/single females/ and couples who love to spicy up their love lives. Come and join in and meeting this fabulous Team. Party starts at 10.00 until last exhausted person leaves. Email us for an invite and prices.


Saturday 18th December – Couples and single ladies night – CHRISTMAS PARTY NIGHT! – Santa is waiting!

Friday 31st December 2021 – NYE BLACK TIE NIGHT.….- MORE INFORMATION TO BE ADVISED.  Our cherished website has been under the weather for months without the right resource to get WordPress to do what we ask.  Help has just declared itself so the cavalry is on its way. Still a work in progress…

YouTube again

Have you ever felt on the back foot when friends hear you are swingers?  Helpful rejoinders to the following questions can be found in the original 3 counties radio interviews on YouTube under Richard Stanley interview Pt 1 then Part 2.

How do you answer detractors who say swinging is unnatural?

How do you deal with anxiety of swingers who fear they might meet friends here?

What advice for parents who are terrified their children might find out?

How do you respond to those likening you to being “abnormal”?

The abridged video still lurks at: JVS Discovers Swinging – Meeting the Swingers of Radlett – Sex in Hertfordshire

While on a YouTube roll try Littlecroft Virtual Garden Tour for Youtube

And for a preview of the new acreage try youtube at

Recent reviews

Hi Janet.

Of course we remember you, your lovely house, the fabulous food at the party and, above all, the very warm welcome you gave us both when we came over all that time ago.

Thanks for these delicious photos! We wondered. . . do ever meet outside of parties?

All the very best,

An&T Xxx

Had our first Radlett Parties experience at the weekend for Skool Night but we forgot our uniforms. Lovely home is a lovely setting with lovely party people organising. Great mix of couples in attendance and a fab friendly vibe. We met naughty couple by the pool and got in some early full swing play in one of the bedroom play areas. Just managed to head downstairs and get some fresh air on the patio when we were tempted into the hot tub by two lovely ladies for bubbles and play. It was very warm, wet and naughty with six in the hot tub. Thank you to Jan, Richard and the Team for putting on such a great night. Please respect and enjoy their lovely home, and their legendary parties. We will definitely be returning as its the most fun you can have with your clothes on and even more with your kit off.

30 August 2021

Obviously don’t set out if you feel the slightest Covid symptom.











2 Comments on “SATURDAY 27th NOVEMBER 2021”

  1. Hi were a couple and would really like to come along to one of your couples and singles nights, can you let us know when the next event is?!
    Kind regards, Martin and Amanda.

    1. 26/6. Couples and single nights announcement will be made once we restart them.
      Keep an eye on the website.

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