July 25th & 26th @ Radlett

The hottest party weekend before families disperse for their holidays.

The channel 4 filming last month. Attitudes have thankfully moved on in our favour since we did the channel 5 documentary some years back. Guest numbers were hardly down at all, so you guys are getting less ‘closet’. The film crew and I promised everyone that the film crew would leave as soon as asked after 10pm. Thanks to nine individuals being prepared to evangelise on tv for our collective cause, they were still filming at 11:30 and no one had asked them to leave. Hugs all round at the end. The ladies on the 15 strong film crew have asked for party dates to come along in the future. We had to take Jon Richardson aside to improve the gravitas of his questions, but after that he seemed genuinely to be persuaded the life style is worthy of consideration. All in all a risk worth taking. Thanks to all those who stood up to the plate. Expect another influx of fresh guests after it goes out in November.

Filming location. Look out for a movie shot here during the month in which three nasty back packing girls get horribly lost in the undergrowth. There have been several more adult movie shoots here during the month, including a third company who love the range of sites. I have moved into role of script consultant. They liked ‘the croquet lessons’ in which an under-worked and over-privileged housewife needs to beat her arch rival so engages an ex-vicar to give her lessons. ‘This a tantalising game of strategy in which going for the holes is less critical than touching each other’s balls.’
Menu. Janet plans for this month:

Miscellaneous curries
Other meats
Vegetarian bits
Cheese board
Miscellaneous cakes and gateaux
Home grown and made award winning:
Death by Apple

Toast and coffee for the après party gossip breakfast

Others’ views of recent parties at Radlett:

We have been told that the reviews sent to us are just the tip of an iceberg, the rest of which can be found on the swinging web sites. Sceptics might also find stuff not pasted by us even more credible. Have a good read of Fab swingers etc. However, herewith a couple of exchanges to give a pointer:
Hi Janet, that review I promised for you:

Radlett is a lovely place to go if you like attention, because gals, you will get a lot of it. All polite and kind. The swimming pool is wonderful. It’s so warm! The physical attention meant that my original plans for a swim never transpired as instead I was the centre of a fantastic grope-athon. Stepping out of the pool was also delightful as there’s no shivering or freezing; it’s almost a sauna level of heat in the pool room. More fun delayed getting dressed after the swim. Having enjoyed festivities for a few hours, I went to the buffet at 3 am to be greeted by a roast pig, roast potatoes, and loads of sweets. The crackling was fantastic! Sated in every aspect possible, I eventually returned home with a smile on my face and sleeping in. Single girls, come and play!
L xxx
Hi J. You were magnificent last night. The channel 4 team thought they were watching a star arriving at a film premier when you floated serenely across the croquet lawn in that fabulous dress. Most girls who look a million dollars ruin it with petulant attitude, but you certainly showed later that you know your primary function! I have a museum of memorable bottles on the kitchen wall and this morning I added the two that you accommodated so bravely. The guys watching had to pinch themselves that they were really seeing that! I would love to see again that footage we took on your mobile of that champagne gushing from you. If you fancy a lazy day back in our Garden of Eden playing Adam and Eve we can clock up more orgasms and sexual firsts for you. Let me know.

Good morning Richard & Janet. I had a fantastic time last night. It was surreal. I have never before had such tasty pork from the whole roast or swam in such an inviting pool with so many distractions. That hot water jet is soo naughty!!! I am a very down to earth kinda girl. I long to be around lovely people like you and the divine Janet. On magnificence, your dance moves, body tone and sexual inventiveness put many 20 year olds (and black ‘studs’) to shame. Thanks for the invitation to be Eve for a day. It will be nice not having to worry about what to wear! What other firsts can you have lined up for me? I will show you that video when I come. I laughed so much last night. It was my first time doing that. Lol. SO much fun. You guys run the BEST parties. I love them. Tell the beautiful Janet I will call her in the week. Thanks again for the memorable time. Champagne bottles will never seem the same again!
J xxx

Ps: I hope channel 4 do you and the interviewees proud. You deserve that.

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