31ST DECEMBER 2021   Congratulations to the many who have already booked their places.  This year’s arrangements for Nye at Radlett will be much as before.  The charity enjoying surplus will be Medecins sans Frontieres – IT’S OUR FAVOURITE CHARITY. One that Janet especially holds dear to her heart as working with doctors has been her chosen profession all these any years and nights of fun at Radlett Parties….so all doctors, NHS and private ones are welcomed to our extravaganza BLACK TIE NEW YEAR EVE CELEBRATION!!! MSF always have difficult years!  It doesn’t get any easier for young doctors who give their time freely to help those less fortunate in difficult circumstances, war, famine et.  Selected single males are invited to apply for a ticket…..MSF has been in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and are worthy of our praise for their bravery and enormous effort.   Expect the usual fireworks, midnight fizz on us, live link to Trafalgar Square, whole roast hog and lamb, hot tub at 40 degc, sauna, hot covered 50 foot pool, no throwing out time.  Couples and single ladies only except for just enough places auctioned for charity to single guys to limit male excess to 5.  If there are any spaces left on the night the door contribution suggested will be £80 per couple (£40 less than anywhere comparable!).  To reward and motivate early booking, those paying in advance have even less to pay.  You would need psychiatric help if preferring to be anywhere else!  £60 to Richard Stanley at Halifax building society, sort code 110044, account 00149451 leaves nothing more to pay on the night.  Give a unique reference so we know who to credit (names perhaps?). Please not prepayments are non refundable.  The surplus goes to a good cause, so please keep well over Christmas so we can enjoy your company.  Around 20% of guys do black tie.  We sometimes get kilts, officers’ dress uniform a couple of suits.  The rest do smart casual.  Give jeans, baseball caps and trainers a miss.  Ladies tend not to need advice about what to wear on grand occasions – it’s an oestrogen thing.   We look forward to seeing you all – well those in good psychiatric health anyway!

Single guys.  Hitherto we have auctioned five places towards charity.  The winning bids have all been in the range £80 – £300.  However there have been some no-shows damaging the charity, the party and the guys who were unnecessarily relegated to celebrating at some lesser venue.  So this year, if you want to be here, deposit £50 as described above as motivation to honour the engagement.  Then email us telling us what your bid is as well as bank details in case we need to refund it, whether you have been here before and a bit about yourself (plus a photo if you haven’t been here for months).  The self assessment on the site will give you a clue as to what couples and ladies are looking for here.  We will get back to you as soon as we can, obviously refunding all those who are unsuccessful.  You will contribute the balance of your bid on the door (or online in advance if you prefer).  Good luck.

Menu.  Janet plans for the celebration:

New Year’s Eve 2021 @ Radlett


The best of everything served throughout the year


Whole roast pig

Whole roast lamb

Quince consommé


Blackberry cognac patisserie

Home grown and made cider toffee stodgelets

Whole Salmon

Fizz at midnight

Toast and coffee for the après party gossip breakfast


Others’ views of Previous NYE at Radlett: 

New Year’s Eve at Radlett is like a glitzy party in a Hollywood mansion. We were greeted by the charismatic, effervescent Janet who oozes glamour and charm. Both Richard and Janet make everyone feel welcome in their grand, yet comfortable, home.
The stylish dress code of black tie and cocktail dresses lent a seductive elegance to the big night.

The mood, as with all Radlett parties, was relaxed and sociable. It’s easy to strike up conversation with anybody and our host couple are always willing to introduce people to one another. There is a DJ and dancing in the sitting room, complete with a pole for the more lithe and adventurous. The kitchen is another focus where much social intercourse takes place. My favourite has to be the banquet of sumptuous dishes, usual at every party, which is only matched on a 5-star cruise ship. A whole roast hog and lamb were breathtaking centrepieces which gave the party that special ceremonial hallmark.

In a sea of music, champagne and erotic promise,your sexual appetite is whet downstairs. Like the grand buffet, its up to you, to nibble or feast as you wish. There is absolutely no pressure to watch nor participate at any time. However, as you ascend upstairs into the unknown, there is another level of titillating treats to enjoy. It can be saucy, sensual, or as filthy as you want it to be but always in the spirit of consent and mutual pleasure.

Oh…..and the midnight fireworks on the lawn were magical but I suspect some people were enjoying explosions until the early hours. A must-do for next New Year’s Eve.

Review by T 3/1/2015

Hi Richard,

Myself and my partner have attended your last 2 couples parties and had a great time on both occasions, the last party being by far the best we have ever been to. everybody was so friendly
and horny. The food was wonderful too.  Can you please book us in for the new years eve party and let me know if you require us to send a deposit?

We have been given this website by a couple, they ranted how good your parties are. can we have more info please.  We are j and g F25 M37.

hope to hear from you soon


Hi guys

I was at your new years eve bash and had a ball.
Could you tell me when your next party is?

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