Ten years ago, TV’s Channel 5 made a documentary about the preparations for parties at this venue.


Faint hearts advised us that the production company would deride swinging.


We took the risk, managed them hard and were warmly surprised by the better standing we achieved for all.


Janet was especially relieved at the greater respect in which she became held by her employers, contacts and family.


The documentary delighted channel 5 with 16% of the viewing public.


Over a 100 couples cited the non-sleazy representation of swinging as their reason for joining us over the following weeks.


We have heard of 17 showings across the world including on QANTAS flights back from Australia. We heard that they get £85k per showing. We got a box of chocolates each.


10 years on and Open Mike (for Channel 4) have flatteringly approached us again, having researched us as the UK’s most presentable swinging venue.


This time the theme is happiness and its relation to the three episode themes of Children, Money and Relationships.


Our sequence will make up part of the Relationships episode alongside other segments for the programme such as Polyamory and Living Apart Together.


It is being hosted by Jon Richardson from the ‘8 out of 10 cats’ team with good friend and fellow comedian Matt Forde.


The opportunity is once again to get swinging on the front foot, to a wide audience, many of whom will join us as a result.


10 years ago there was a risk that our life style would be belittled and projected as disdainful.


We managed that risk successfully with a good result for all.


This time round thinking has moved on and it is the repressed, who keep their clothes on at parties, who are on the back foot.


Except for those who have allowed themselves to become closet swingers (careless to have allowed family and friends to see them as being sexually ‘past it’),


this is the time to push public opinion irrevocably in our favour.


Jon will be interviewing Janet and me during the Saturday along with anyone else who has something powerful they want to contribute on the relationship between swinging and happiness. Thanks to those who have already stepped forward.  The midsummer ball starts at 8 to benefit from the long sunlight. The three acres are at their most verdant and well worth seeing. We plan a barbecue, pig roast, tractor rides etc. Pimms will be served – courtesy of Open Mike. We have told them not to scrimp as our guests get up a real thirst! You might want to dress up as for a ball, or not, or bring two wardrobes for later raunchiness. The camera crew will leave as soon as asked after 10pm, so closet swingers who have yet to get on the front foot with family and friends can delay their arrival. Any late arrivers who want to be recorded can be accommodated away from the party.


Open Mike will obtain permission from the guests attending, who will need to sign a release form if they wish to appear in the show and if they don’t, to make themselves known to a member of the production team either in person on the night or to contact the Production Manager (Sarah Croker) directly on 020 7016 3970. Rest assured that no one will be recognisably broadcast who wishes not to be. The ladies from Open Mike will then stay on to enjoy the party. You’d be cowardly and mad to be anywhere else.


Menu.  Janet plans for this month:


Miscellaneous curries


Other meats


Vegetarian bits


Cheese board


Miscellaneous cakes and gateaux


Home grown and made crumble


Toast and coffee for the après party gossip breakfast


On the Saturday


Roast pig


As much pimms as you can drink


Others’ views of recent parties at Radlett:


We have been told that the reviews sent to us are just the tip of an iceberg, the rest of which can be found on the swinging web sites.  Sceptics might also find stuff not pasted by us even more credible.  Have a good read of Fab swingers etc.

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