Review the morning after last party:

What a lovely couple you are – allowing all those people in your house.  I enjoyed my time with you both individually. I will need more anal training at some point and your wife is charming and smart – ( it’s very rare I see black women like that – I find it uplifting)

As for the action – I did play but never felt that comfortable the ratio of single men was too high and they weren’t that interesting to me.

My ultimate fantasy would be to have a line up. I love penetration and when a man comes I always in my head say ‘next’.  I am however less keen on group sex- can’t keep up with hands everywhere scenario. I am single and have a very big sexual appetite which I satisfy in many safe ways. Yet discretion and a sense of class is also important to me. I am happy being single unless I find an equally libidoed financially astute very open minded man (suggestions welcome).

Your place was so Big – I probably prefer a more intimate venue. People coming in and out of the door or chatting rubbish cos they are stoned or think they are king dick is so annoying.

So I came mainly on your face Richard but also another woman’s.
That’s good- I am usually the type who comes from penetration.

I wonder if it would work for you to have a different kind of party.. With the party, I loved the Time in your private rooms – felt more natural and a better type of sexual and so social scenario.

Have you thought of maybe doing midweek dinner parties for 20 or so people? sounds difficult with children I know.

So ideally what I would like to do is to make my line up come true – greedy girl getting lots of cocky from some respectful men and having one man controlling it.
Anyway thanks for your time and the delights of getting to know you – you are both so unselfish.

D xx

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