Car parking and driveway.


Not many people know that the AA television advertisement of a few years back was based on this venue. The line ‘we’ve seen everything’ coincided with what purported to be a naturist getting breakdown assistance in a field. The nye before, several cars got stuck in our field. Without discussion with us, one AA member called for assistance. The patrolman on call could not believe his luck at this assignment and, mindful of the need to spice up his colleagues shifts, decided he needed more ‘assistance’. Within an hour three AA men were wandering the house asserting that they needed to trace particular persons rather than doing any useful work out in the cold and wet.

Thus we put down 80 tons of hardcore to make the drive tractable in even the worst conditions. Alas, not all appreciate the resulting hump back ride down to the tennis court and we occasionally still get cars stranded on the field after monsoons. Thus, several years on, the committee has sanctioned a 5 figure budget to level the drive and 1500 square metres of the field then embed reinforcing mesh. No improvement too onerous for our appreciative guests! Enjoy.

Update 16/3/2012:  First stage is now complete.  Dozens more cars can use the area that used to degenerate into a mud bath whenever it rained.  Come and marvel at one of the seven wonders of Radlett.

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